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    Btw I think Maureen Whitmarsh is a name used by Paypal across all of there direct debits rather than necessarily an evil mastermind. Maybe she was the initial person to set up the DD process at Paypal in Europe or for their bank!

    From my investigation this morning (having had a payment taken from my account that I didn't recognise), this is a Paypal DD so my recommended steps are:
    - check whether you have bought anything with Paypal or are expecting money to be taken (note when you sell things on eBay you will most likely agree to them taking the fees directly via Paypal DD from your bank account/card). If you are, problem solved, if not read on...
    - call your bank, explain that the direct debit was not authorised by you and you are not expecting this payment. They will hopefully have DD indemnity on your a/c meaning they will put the money back in and will investigate directly themselves. (Lloyds did this for me :-))
    - call paypal and have them investigate themselves, they can search for your bank details in their systems. They should be able to tell you whether you have multiple a/cs etc and sort out the issue.

    Mine turned out to be an error by Paypal on a refunded payment rather than fraud but it is very frustrating!

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    I called Paypal, got clarification.    JP Morgan is Paypal bank and direct debit could be an amount that is outstanding.    Paypal will first take the balance from your Paypal account than the remaining from your bank account.    Check in with Paypal first !

    • Guest  (Knottingley, United Kingdom)  2016-09-02 9:14 am#1

      You are wrong,
      if you have had money taken from your account, you have bee scammed
      if you quote the transaction number on the account to Paypal, you will see this is invalid, there is no way that PAYPAL have verified this with you as it a complete and utter scam!

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    This person set up a direct debit for £243.84 to come out my account. THIS IS A SCAMMER CALL YOUR BANK STRAIGHT AWAY!

    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    same thing happened to me today same name posing as paypal for 10.10

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    happened to me too ...same name ...sorting it now with fraud team !

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    I have had £76 taken from my account today.    I went to my bank and they are investigating MAUREEN WHITTMARSH. WHO EVER SHE IS. I certainly don't know her!

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    This has happened to me too. They took out £50 from an account I don't use which caused me to go into my overdraft and I got charged a further £25! Did you resolve the problem? I've cancelled the direct debit but I'm still £75 down!

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    This company has debited my account posing as Ebay without authorisation. The name of the person is Maureen Whitmarsh. I have never had any dealings with this person but she has debited my account. This has also happened to other ebay users.

    • Guest  (Reading, United Kingdom)  2014-05-04 10:36 am#1

      This has also happened to me with different amounts being taken out of my account at random times.

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