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01233 648477

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Ashford (Kent), UK

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Survey Call (10 times)
Scam Call (5 times)
Telemarketer (2 times)
Survey (1 time)
Other Commercial (1 time)
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    Recieved 3 calls,    two yesterday and one today lunch time. I was on-call for work so I was expecting many calls to come in anyway but this number does not ring a bell, so i didn't bother to ring back straight away. The third time they rang, I did pick up and a guy said he is calling on behalf of NatWest and start asking me for my bank detail. The fact is I never had a NatWest account, so I hung up on him. This is just weird and these people seems persistent on getting your details.

    Caller Name: Unknown
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    Said he was calling on behalf of my bank but refused to disclose which bank

    Caller Name: Jeremy
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • #31

    Called tonight said on behalf of RBS , she hung up when I said I work for RBS

  • #30

    Recieved a call at 20.20 hrs on 20/04/12.    The caller said they wanted to speak to my wife to do a survey about her bank.    No chance.

    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #29

    missed a call from this number today.. they wouldn't leave a message with my mum... im 19 don't get how they got my name or whens theres 3 of us livimg in my house

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    Thansk for this thead.    They called my mobile at 1000 hrs today, then hung up.    Maybe they are just checking that mobile numbers are real before selling them on. I've reported them to TPS just ot stir things.

    Caller Name: Unkown
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    I did a search online to transfer money abroad.    Using my mobile phone I checked with the FSA to see if company concerned was genuine, they were!    Next thing I got a call from this number 01233648477 asking for someone else.    Coincidence or what!    I did not give my landline or mobile phone number as I am exdirectory so how did they get it?    I am also registered with the TPS and MPS.

    Caller Type: Survey Call
  • #26

    Received 3 calls in less than an hour they don't speak or leave a message.    We are in Scotland so they must be working their north

    Caller Name: Unknown
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    Hi - I missed a call from this number today. Found this site and so now I assume it is a marketing call. If this is the case, they are allowed to call even ex-directory numbers, as it is a "service to the community and they are not selling anything". To get rid of them, ask to be removed from their database - if they are a genuine market research company, they have to do this.

    Caller Name: 01233 648477
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    I'm in Oxf. 1st call from this number in Aug 2011, 2nd time Nov 2011. Both times I did not answer.

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