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Chesterfield, UK

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Debt Collector (4 times)
Unknown (1 time)
Other Commercial (1 time)
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    UK search, they keep phoning and texting me about a debt of around 120 pounds for southern water for a Brighton address. I've never had a contract with this company and for the time period stated I was never there, infact I've never been to Brighton in my life, they will not listen, so I've told them to please take me to court as it will be an entertaining day off work.

    Caller Name: uk search
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
    • Max  (Liverpool, United Kingdom)  2018-04-26 12:12 pm#1

      Yes I have to say these dodgy so called dept collection firm is a total scam and should be blocked if possible for continuously called at stupid hours every other day asking for a different person.

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    i had 2 Emails from
    said this important email, ask me to pay for my old address to pay for BoxSky and it gave all my personal details ,!!!!!!!!

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    they left a voicemail for me to contact them, the number that they called on leads to debt collectors, the number that they left for me to return their call on was for a Magnet company in chesterfield, i with held my number and called this so-called magnet company and guess what??? it was the debt collectors .. lol... a very dubious bunch
    the numbers concerened are: 01246 571489 and 01246 570500

    Caller Name: non given
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    simillar story as above, dodgy no.

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    Received a call today from what sounded like a call centre. After asking who was calling was informed it was a personal call and no information could be given - in this light sent the caller on their way.

    Caller Name: Not Known
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    I don't know who this is , but like others i answered the phone & they hung up !! I am disabled & its not easy to get to the phone because of mobility problems, it was only because i was next to the phone that i managed to answer , however i won't be picking up again !

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    Never in my life have a had a contract phone yet i had a letter come through the post from this company saying i owed orange £16 odd pounds. i dont think so. clearly this company is a pile of toss rags.....and i live in outa Mongolia. Clearly the postage stamp cost more than i owe them....

    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    low lifes its illegal to harrass people now go away

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    This number keeps phoning me - at least 5 times a week and it's been going on for several weeks. Mostly it's when I'm out but today I was in. As soon as I answered they hung up. Very strange

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    I've had calls from this number also. Same thing. They only use first names then ask you to make payments over the phone with your card. Don't make payments over phone they said they would send me a post office book but has never arrived! I think they are dodgy

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