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    Clsoe motor finance call all their customers as part ensuring that all details on the finace are correct. They check all new customers details including phone numbers. They do offer GAP insurance - this insurance runs along side you current vehicle insurance and steps in if your insurance company write your car off if it has been in an accident / stolen or set on fire. The GAP insurance helps settle outstanding finance left as your car insurance only pay out the market value of what your car is worth and not the amount left on your finance. Otherwise you would be left to clear a lump sum    which is has to be paid immediatley.

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
    • Alex  (185.112.160.*)  2017-03-20 2:36 pm#1

      Work for the company eh?

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    Had missed call from this number, when i Checked it online was Close Motor Finance, who my motorbike finance is with just a call seeing if happy want to refinance get a new bike.    When i said no happy at the moment she said not a problem and said wouldnt waste anymore of my time.    Very nice no hassle whatsoever and definitly not a dodgy company as not first time had finance through them through bike.    Not all unknown numbers are a nuisance!

    Caller Name: Samantha
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Have had three calls from them in two days. They wanted to know if I had recently bought a car on finance, which I haven't. I said no and hung up but they still phoned again a few hours later. The only loose connection that I can find having read the other posts, is regarding an accident that I had earlier in the year but the car wasn't written off and claim settled with no problem.

    Caller Name: A finance company
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    not sure who this number is

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