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    It’s WNS they work on behalf of insurance company’s to arrange repairs to your vehicle

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    Rcvd call from this number that went to my voicemail.    Message says the are calling on behalf 'Accidents Happen' regarding a recent accident I was involved in.    Accidents happen are the company that I used to get my car repaired after a hit n run.    I was not in the vehicle, therefore 'I' was not in an accident.    I called accident happen.    They claim it is nothing to do with them and presume its another company trying to push personal injury claims.    The phone number does not allow call backs.

    Caller Name: Equity car insurance
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    Update for car repair, that's all!

    There not a bad bunch!

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    These rang me about 15 times in 1 night from midnight onwards! Absolute t:-s and they didn't even speak the phone went dead soon as I picked up..

    Caller Type: Prank Call
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    I was called on this number but could not call them back on the same number???

    I used them on my insurance claim on my car repair, please do not make I did, they subcontracted the work out to a garage in brackley, northants. They were extremely rude and didn't not complete the repair even remotely correct. They threw the keys at me and said whats your problem!!    I still had green paint all down the side of my van where i was hit. Very disappointing, very poor service, do not use!!

    Caller Name: xt repair management
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    This is a company called WNS    - they are the Acceident management company for Equity RS, Hitachi Capital, Eldon and Southern Rock and many more.

    They arrange the repairs to your vehicle when you have reported a claim.

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    A man claiming to be called Paul Holme from W.N.S. (Worldwide Network Services), called me from this number claiming they had been passed my details from my insurance company, to deal with part of the claim on my behalf, but could not identify the name of the policyholder. Put a block on this number if you have recently had an accident.

    Caller Name: Paul Holme (WNS)
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    This is Equity Red Star and they seem to be calling about you damaged car???

    You can call them back on 0844 8540669

    Strange as I have not had an accident.

    Caller Name: Ami
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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