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Bridgend, UK

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Telemarketer (1 time)
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    i am have in this number i am not happy at all x directry mmmmmm    thanks for this good info

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    I've had this number phoning me 5 or 6 times a day - but I gave them my fax line number (on the online checker), so they just get a fax tone when they ring up :-)I wonder how long before they give up.

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    I am getting phone calls from this number too, its since I did a check for the fastest internet connection for my area. My phone line is used also as an emergency medical line so to have endless silent calls wasting my time is not only annoying but could hold up my line when it is needed for an emergency call. I am not happy!

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    Just thought something else I did pick the phone up when it called a few days because the first part of the number i thought was local as they look nearly the same '01656' & local number '01635'

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    when I pick up the phone no one there    then the phone go dead. This is at    8pm at night. Now I know most people are going out    but here I am disabled and I have 3 children and I cant turn a phone off incase of emergency. If it is important to ring me .

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