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    This code is shown as Meriden in W Midlands so why it says above ,not sure.
    But I get many of these calls with sometimes only 2 or 3 figures showing.
    Obviously these clowns can display whatever number they wish.
    I answered this to be given details of PPI message ,to continue to press 5 or to be deleted from database press 9.
    I pressed 9 but did not speak to anyone,so don't know who rang.
    Very annoying as this code 01676    seemed to be genuine, & one I    could take Ofgem action against.
    Alas no !
    Had several recently with caller display showing out of area

    Caller Name: not known
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
    • Guest  (Prescot, United Kingdom)  2015-07-20 5:37 pm#1

      Follow on from above :-

      Here's why I can't contact anyone- just a way to avoid getting    reported to OFGEM:-

      Choose 01676 Meriden virtual local/geo number

      Give callers the impression you are based in Meriden, work from anywhere!

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