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Rotherham, UK

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Telemarketer (6 times)
Survey Call (3 times)
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    ???the n sha cmfhtijr n

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    it is a call center jst down from where u use 2 live in mexborough called ventura

    Caller Name: 3
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Go here for advice on how to deal with these unwanted sales calls from companies:

    Caller Name: 3 Mobile
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    It's the 3 mobile phone company trying to drum up business. Call them back, ask to have your number removed and threaten reporting to OFCOM for breach of regulations if they call back again.
    Good luck!

    Caller Name: 3 Mobile
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    its 3 the mobile company

    Caller Name: rob
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    If your number is in the system its auto calling 10 numbers and the telesales person speaks to the first person who answers.... Looks like the other nine have no-one on the end / no answer.

    Just ignore it / answer first and ask them to take off system (get company name and report to OFCOM)

    I live out of the country so I'm taking my O2 sim out in 2 days... Good luck for the rest of you guys...

    Caller Name: Nuisance
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    Kepp calling dont leave a message just sounds like a call centre in the background.

    Caller Name: ???
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Nuisance calls from this number

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    Ive jus got a call frm dat same number bt i rang bak and was on hold for few mins just hung up.dnt knw hu it is?

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