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01745 538229

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Rhyl, UK

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Event Reminder (1 time)
Telemarketer (1 time)
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    had numerous calls from this number so have added it to True Call's zap list so as not to receive any further uninvited, unwelcome calls so much for being registered with TPS

    Caller Name: greenthumb
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    This number is Greenthumb they were passing on some advice and recommendations for my lawn and they were really polite and helpful on the phone. I am a customer so it wasn't a cold call or prank :)

    Caller Name: Greenthumb
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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    Ive missed 2 calls (I dont answer unknown numbers) just called it back & it's greenthumb customer satisfaction survey :)

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    Same here, have received (missed) a few calls from there. Never a message but don't think it's anybody I know.

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