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Selkirk, UK

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    Called oncesadsadfsfsdagfgdfgdfgsdg

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    not sure whos calling from this number?

    Caller Name: unknown
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    I bought a property supplied by Spark and was threatened with bailiffs for the debts of the previous owner's tenants!    It took a year to change supplier because Spark repeatedly blocked the transfer due to the debt. 18 months on Spark have agreed a settlement for a final bill (which still hasn't arrived).    Without doubt, the most incompetent energy company I've ever dealt with - avoid at all costs is my advice.

    Caller Name: 01750726387
    Caller Type: SMS
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    This company is harrassing me over a energy bill i no nothing about.. never even lived at the address they say.. They are also threatening me with bailiffs if i dont pay.. Guess what... I am not paying.. think its a scam

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    Spark Energy (Utility company)

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    Got a call from this number, hung up as soon as I answered.

    Caller Name: UNKNOWN
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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