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    repeated 'bulk' calling Have both phoned their London office (near canary worfe and left a message on the Swindon office's answerphone but despite being members of the TPS the calls persist. next step is to complain to Offcom.

    Caller Name: Nunwood consultancy
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    I am not sure if scam is the right word but the young lady suggested she was calling on behalf of a building society and asked for my wife by name. When asked which building society she refused to divulge but DID not deny the original suggestion that she represented one. A right pain in the rear as are all these calls. If you gave to prevaricate to get business then you are in the wrong job!

    Caller Name: Miss Skam I think
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I dialled Nunwood Consulting's London number to complain, after a caller talking about "building societies" cut me off when I tried to complain about cold-calling. I got through to people with Yorkshire accents (probably their other Leeds office). They put me through to a helpful lady in charge of the building society market research team. I told her my number, the name being called in my household and the call time. She agreed to remove that name from the list (they do not have to check the Telephone Preference Service for market research). She also agreed to replay the phone call recording and said the behaviour of the caller was totally wrong and he would be reprimanded.

    Caller Name: Nunwood Consulting
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    I am now being contacted on my mobile phone at least twice a day. I normally ignore but after last one I tried to trace it only to get "mailbox is full" message. This is now bordering on harassment!

    Caller Name: who knows?
    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Guest  (Gateshead, United Kingdom)  2013-06-19 9:53 am#1

      I just got this too but I programmed in the number with the name 'block' and assigned them a silent ringtone... Ahh the sound of silence, great way to deal with pests.

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