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01902 481350

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Wolverhampton, UK

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    Had a missed call today 18 May but could not reach it in time and when I tried to call back it was from New Cross but could not accept incoming calls

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    This is the outgoing number for calls from New Cross Hospital.

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    01902481350, its a roofer

    • Guest  (Manchester, United Kingdom)  2014-05-23 10:09 am#1


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    Its new cross hospital definitely, missed the call, tried to ring back but it doesn't take in coming calls. They rang again and it was the hospital

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    I had a missed call this morning if its new cross my daughter was in the other day but wouldn't know really

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    My friend got a missed phone call, wondering who it is.

    Caller Name: Unknown
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    :( i have had this number call me today from new cross hospital and as i currently under 3 consultants and attempted to call back and the number does not take in comming calls and after several calls i dont know who is trying to contact mex

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    I was in new cross last week with broken foot so its probably a follow up call. Defo new cross though

    Caller Name: new cross wolverhampton
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    This number is the Physiotherapy department of new cross hospital

    Caller Name: New Cross
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    the phone number above is Newcross hospital wolverhampton i phoned 01902307999 (as i was waiting for an operation appointment)

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