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    This is EE (or T-Mobile)    Called me at 8.15am after I've been working till past midnight the night before.     I answered by saying "this better not be one of those harassing calls at this time of the morning."    The Asian operator just said "I'm very sorry" and hung up.    Now I'm annoyed because I didn't know what the hell they wanted or why they wanted me.    I've never used EE or T-Mobile and, after this, am NEVER likely to either.    Why can't these sales people just leave us to make our own minds up?    My policy is never to buy from some company that calls me and I've not asked for the call.    Does anyone actually buy from someone who cold-calls them???    If they do make them stop then these harassing calls might cease

    Caller Name: EE
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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