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Milton Keynes, UK

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Prank Call (3 times)
Other Commercial (1 time)
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    Constant calling from lots of different numbers all times of the day including weekends. Such a nuisance.

    Caller Name: Vanquis
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    The manner in which this    company does business with members of the public is more than just plain illegal, it's a scandal.

    Caller Name: Vanquis
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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    I'm ANOTHER person who's been bombarded by VANQUIS calls. 12 today to my mobile alone. I some far have had them ring from a London 020 number, and Bournemouth 01202 number, and now this one!
    Because of excessive interest charges, I am over my credit limit AGAIN. I had about 10 text messages every day for about a week last month,when I when over by £14. so I paid what was owed via a return text.Now Vanquis claim my payment was late. (my advice is DO NOT PAY VIA TEXT AS, IT TAKES 5 WORKING DAYS TO PROCESS!)That's the lame a$$ excuse they gave me anyway! So now I owe them another £38! So I know dam well why vanquis are ringing! I'm in the process of logging a complaint about it with them, but they've responded with a letter saying it will take upto 52 days investigate.My balance is NOT late at the moment, BUT i'm still getting these phone calls.
    As soon as I pay back this credit card its being cut up! AVOID VANQUIS!

    Caller Name: Vanquis
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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    My phone rung, I answered and said "Hello".
    Then the line rung, then clicked, I said "hello?" then a lady said "Hello, hello?" I replied "hello!" then she put the phone down ... real helpful!
    Thanks guys!!

    Anway, called it back, it was vanquis apparently

    Caller Name: Vanquis
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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