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Event Reminder (5 times)
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    11 January 2918    Call recieved 1833 when answrered    phone put down , Now one spoke    They say the Hospital only recieved 1 complatent    Not surprised as most people would forget all about it probly think some one rang wrong number , and think no more about it    Some of us are more couris and like to find out who it is    . Something should be done to correct this service as not good if people wh live alone    get worried by it    Caller 01908 980094

    Caller Name: not Known
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    This is a call to remind the recipient of a coming appointment. It is a shame that I wasn't aware of this method.

    There was no way that I was going to hand over personal details such as my date of birth to an unproven source, so I terminated the call..

    Not good enough.

    Caller Name: MK Hospital
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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    Called me after I had gone to bed last night (after 10pm) on a phone last night that I cancelled the contract on 9 months ago. This number is not on my NHS file, I have amended it, and only use the phone next to the bed for checking the time through the night. I do have an appointment this week but if they left a message, I wont be getting it and I have no credit on that phone !!

    Caller Name: MK Hospital
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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    I agree something should be done by the NHS Board to either leave an automated message or stop the thing calling people out of hours with no message and just silence....

    Caller Name: Not sure
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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    Always have trouble with this caller. It us MK hospital appointments reminder (not just physio). Call frequently, never leave message, often silent when I do answer.

    Caller Name: Milton Keynes Hospital
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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    who is this, no answer phone msg left?:(

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    Don't know went dead when I answered.

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    This number is the automated physiotherapy department reminder service for Milton Keynes NHS Hospital Trust. It is operated by 360 CRM who claim on their website to have a "deep understanding" of the NHS. Pity they don't understand the patient experience too. According to the hospital, they've only has 1 complaint about it (apart from mine) to date. I got called 6 times out of hours over the weekend!
    It's a poor quality, badly-configured CRM system that illustrates the worst features of IVR and voice clip technology - but it saves the NHS money on wasted appointments. Presumably because people do what I'm going to do and go private just to get away from it.    Apparently the Trust think the patient experience is good which shows how little they understand how good IVRs operate. I had 2 silent calls out of 6 inbound calls. This is illegal so I've contacted OFCOM.
    Apparently if they put the correct information on your patient letter (which they didn't on mine) you can opt out of the service and I recommend you do - unless you want to be "stalked" persistently by an IVR. So much for healthcare being a people business.

    Caller Name: Milton Keynes
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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    its milton keynes hospital appointments line

    Caller Name: milton keynes hospital
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