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Wakefield, UK

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Event Reminder (5 times)
Other Commercial (1 time)
  • #11

    Scam about a hospital.    Just one in a queue of scam calls that are on the rampage at the moment.

  • #10

    Pinderfields hospital with an automated call back appointment reminder, only a short ring time but does keep trying until you respond...

    Caller Name: pinderfields hospital
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
  • #9

    This is Mid Yorks Hospital, it is a reminder service for appointments made . I have just received a call from them to remind of an appointment in a weeks time.

    Caller Name: Mid Yorks Hospital
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
  • #8

    Don't know who it is

  • #7

    This number called me twice today, I have no connection to mid yorks hospitals at all and I have no idea where they would have got my number from?

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
  • #6

    Rang me at midnight and I have no reason for them to call, especially not at this time...

  • #5

    How do I get this number to stop calling me?

  • #4

    It's an automated appointment reminder system fro Mid Yorkshire Hospitals and will keep calling until you answer. When you answer, it tells you who the message is for and asks you to press 1 to confirm that you are that person. It then tells you to when the appointment is and asks you to press a number to confirm that you'll attend your appointment or press a different number if you plan to reschedule your appountment.

    Caller Name: Mid Yorkshire Hospitals
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
  • #3

    Called me at 08.15. I did not answer as I would not ring anyone so early unless it was absolutely necessary

  • #2

    I missed a call from you this morning at 8.14. Was it important?

    Caller Name: mid yorks hospital.
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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