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Debt Collector (3 times)
Prank Call (2 times)
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    This debt company phoned me asked me for an account number before they could talk to me i told them i don't have an account no and I'm not the person their looking for to this they said they couldn't comment Its all very frustrating I also told them to go forth and multiply and blocked their number from calling me again

    Caller Name: Roxburghe
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    Received a call at 8 a.m from this number wanting to speak to someone with a Polish name who I have never heard of . I told them to go forth and multiply.

    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    i had exactly the same situation as you but i just ignore them now i know there number

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    Received silent call.  Called back and was asked by automated responder to enter payment reference number.  I have no idea what this is about.

    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    Is it outwith the realm of possibility that a 14 year old could have purchased a second hand mobile?  then getting a call that is nothing but breathing on the other end?  Could this possibly upset and scare a 14 year old who was recently assaulted?  All of these are the post properly.or perhaps you did and are just too much of a thick t**t to understand it?

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    This number rings my home 2 / 3 times a week and leave no message. When i have got through they ask for my password or account number when i tell them i don't know who they are they refuse to speak. I have told them that this is harrassment and the a .

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    every time i answer they hang up

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