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    these guys using this number are a low life company using strong selling techniques like nothing i have heard before, the staff are training specifically to say the same things as all of them that have phoned me have used the same lines. I have had them call many many times, I even blocked there number and they now call with a number withheld so get through.

    they promise you football or rugby T shirt at first saying they have won contracts and are very pleased about it but they never come. I have had these people put the phone down on me also many times. the last one put the phone down on me when I asked if they had a web address and the lady replied it was all the w's as gls was what she told me the company was. needless to say she heard me typing this into my pc and she put the phone down as it had nothing to do with their company at all.

    the best and only way to deal with these people is to keep them on the line for as long as you possibly can leading them into thinking you will purchase what they are selling and don't bother purchasing anything at the end as time is money for these leeches. play them at their own game that's the best way. it's actually remarkably funny to listen to them try and try to sell the product to you.

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    This one keeps ringing me, but it is an automatic omputer number - wish I could find out who they are to get them to stop

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