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01942 316561

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Wigan, UK
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    It is now a Criminal offence to Cold-call    from a British Telecom service!
    If you have caller- identity & this Wigan number 01942326551 appears, please wait for caller to speak First,    BT can trace if it is SILENT until you answer
    & whatever conversation follows, ask
    their Full name & how they acquired your number , if    put on hold ?    Please
    Dis-connect your phone at the socket
    the call is still "Live" & BT can Legally
    Interrupt the call & commence their Prosecution for relevant Mis-Use of
    BT Tele-communications prooerty.

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    01942316561 dialled random paygo vodafone number only available only family BT numbers through 1471
    I have not verbally given the number
    Or published online e-mail or used to
    contact ANY commercial organisation
    & the sim-pack was sealed, acquired
    many miles from Wigan, I therefore
    Assume maybe    vodafone have sold freely distributed SIM mobile numbers

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