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    They claimed to be calling on behalf of my Gas & Electricity Supplier, and asked for my meter readings.    When I told them I'd recently submitted readings on line and didn't have them to hand, the female caller said they would call back 'in a few days'

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    They are a meter reading company, contracted by many gas/electric suppliers, who are supposed to actually read your meters. They are getting you to do it for them and then get paid for travelling around everywhere reading your meters. A real con which the energy suppliers should, pull their fingers out and, sort them out. Or get rid of them and lower our bills.

    Caller Name: Lowribeck
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Didnt recognise the number, let it go to answerphone, when i checked the message there wasnt any , just music then it cut off, bored with this type of call, if you have something to say or sell for christ sake sell it or leave me alone

    Caller Name: none
    Caller Type: SMS
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    I received a call from them asking for a Miss Brown-which I'm not but can safely say I now have heard of, although I do not know.
    It was a lady talking and when I said that I wasn't her, she then proceeded to give me the post code. Luckily I didn't act on the postcode.
    I promptly forgot it.

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    I might not be looking up the number, if I knew from whom the call came. Yet you're making me pollute your data with my lack of knowledge in order to see any info. And probably everyone before me has done that, so the other comments will be as worthless as this is.

    You haven't thought this through, have you?

    Caller Name: How would I know?
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    They left a voicemail saying they were calling on behalf of my electricity supplier.

    I live on a yacht. I don't have an electricity supplier.

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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