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02(Central East Region)
Sydney, Australia

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Debt Collector (3 times)
Telemarketer (1 time)
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    f:-kers called me about 20 times saying i owed them $390 i explained that i've changed debit card number about 10 times already and their debiting the wrong account. the money they want is on the new card. f:-k wits. seriously optus just pay a decent wage for your workers and have them in australia. wtf! these c:-ts have no idea. why the f:-k do i pay you pricks 120 a month for a $h!t plan if your not going to at least help me out when i call with probs or changes... f:-king dick heads!

    Caller Name: dickhead
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    I keep getting phone calls from this number

    Caller Name: Unsure
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    These guy call me about 6 times a week. Don't they understand I'm not goin to answer

    Caller Name: Blocked
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    I has been with Optus for at least 10yrs and the service provider is becoming more and more unreliable and it is very very difficult to contact to the right person to talk /deal with any problem.
    Call centers (overseas) are miserable and hopeless.
    When the contract ends, I'll have to find a company with their customer call centre based in Aus.

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    Optus billing it is! (I owe them, this makes sense)

    Caller Name: Optus
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    Yes i think so too. OPTUS PAYMENTS telephone number.

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