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    This shocking price is still being charged for calling patients in Torbay hospital.    I looked the number up - and thanks to whoever is hosting this website - because my mother (aged 95) had found it on her phone bill at £12.76 for 26.16 minutes. I too called my aunt in the hospital so can no doubt look forward to something similar I get my bill. I also remember that when I phoned the 070... number I had to listen for about two minutes before being put through to the extension for my aunt and then it rang six times before I was cut off - that happened the first two or three times before I managed to talk to my aunt, who is 98 and was in hospital with a broken femur     - just the kind of person one expects to reach a phone within six rings, obviously.
    What is an NHS hospital doing allowing this?

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    Disgusting... after an op, my husbands call to me cost over £13.77 for 30 min call...

    Caller Name: Leslie Fisher
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    phone call to Torbay Hospital cost over £6 - disgusting - should be charged at normal rate or free - shame on the NHS for entertaining these phone systems

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    Disgraceful. My daughter had called her friend in hospital. NHS hospitals should not be hosting exploitative services.It cost £8.78 for one twenty minute call and we live locally. Our hospitals should be non commercial institutions. Absolutely disgraceful..

    Caller Name: Torbay Hospital
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Phoned Torbay hospital, £5.70 for a 11minute call and 11.79 for a 24minute call. If I had known I would have called a mobile from my land line, that would have been cheaper!!

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