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    This person is getting Amy soldiers pics and acting like they are that soldier.They use facebook and dating sites to try and con women into giving them money.What    ever you don`t talk to this person.

    Caller Name: Bryce wachter
    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Tammy  (United States)  2014-04-10 7:00 pm#1

      Had this happen to me they used the name Chris Lopez. Sent pictures but you could tell they wasn't the same person (man). Hope I didn't give out to much info before I caught on to it.

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    This is NOT an international phone # as some people think.    This is a number from her Yahoo messenger computer.    This is someone I know...well. We were friends until I discovered what she is and what she does.    This is a scammer, cyber criminal, stalker and preditors on all levels. She is scary and VERY good at what she does, she has been ripping people off for YEARS, stalking and taking webcam shots when they do not know. Protect yourself. Protect your KIDS!!!    Reoprt Her. She can pose as man or woman. Kathleen Foster 57/f Austin Texas 512-968-6773

    Caller Name: You Never Know
    Caller Type: SMS
    • Guest  (Denver, United States)  2014-01-26 8:34 pm#1

      Kathleen could you let me know if the initials used or one of the alias' initials used were J.C.    ????

  • #15

    same with me I was like here's the dick

    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #14

    This number came when I was on an online site.

    Caller Name: Marshall James
    Caller Type: SMS
  • #13

    I saw puppies on classifies ad she said she lives in North Dakota. It would cost 150 for the 2 pups to be delivered me but she would get with the delivery which was pets shipping cargo in Cameroon when I ask her why didn't she use    a airline to have the puppies flown to Dothan airport she said I used them before it is safe. Just keeps on emailing me and text about the puppies I thought it was a scam.and its the same number her email is

    Caller Name: Tracy Simth
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #12

    Sced me for big money.    Do not deal with this person!!!

    Caller Name: Linda Williams
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #11

    this girl under the name of Diane, 28 yo from Algonac contacted me on ZoosK and in her first message she included her email address
    and she asked for my phone number to text me. Me the idiot I gave her my phone # and she texted me after like 5 mins from the phone number 1110440601. I googled it right away because it seemend to me like an international phone number and I found out that this is a scammer that used several web sites and ways of scamming people . DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Reported imediatelly! I wrote her back on zoosk that she is a scammer and she should no longer text or call me cuz she wil get in trouble. I reported her on zoosk, sent email to zoosk also with details. She went offline after that.

  • #10

    I responded to an ad in Richmond VA thru Global free about a maltese puppy. I got texts back from this number 111-044-0601 Jensen_mendoza44 and stated they are no longer in the U.S. and I would have to pay $300 to have the pup shipped back here. Costs was $190 in the ad. Wants my shipping info    and payment. Texted that I had done a reverse phone check and declined and he texted back knows nothing about this. Is this a scam??????

    Caller Name: Jensen Mendoza
    Caller Type: SMS
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    This girl check my profile on zoosk its a dating site we send message back and forward and to get to know each other better. She had told me that she was in nigeria for a modeling competion then whe she said that the was over and she was comeing back to los angeles then she said she lost her passport and that she couldnt get back home cause of the passport so then she told me she had only had 3 hundred and she need it 2 hundred to get a other one over there so she told me if I could help her with 2 hundred so I had my suspicion that she was just frauding me so I yahoo her number and here I'm telling my side of the story I'm still i

    Caller Name: Jessicachris69
    Caller Type: SMS
  • #8

    Scammed by this A..hole.
    aka... Nader Dehborzorgi,

    Michelle Cordova
    219 Sepulveda St.
    North Hills CA. 91343
    used craiglist as vehicle for scam...

    Caller Type: SMS
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