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Scam Call (1 time)
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    Have 3 or 4 voice messages with an automated voice telling me to ring this number over the last 1-2 weeks and to quote a reference number.
    I have no intention to ring them back. Seems pretty obvious it's a scam.

    Caller Name: Unknown
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I was just reading all this as I am away on holiday and I had the same problem. I called Optus from overseas which is really annoying as I have to pay the call charges.. Anyway Optus has made an error and so the system shows that we owe them money. On actually checking, they said that the error is on their path and now I owe them nothing and they will speak to Chartered Mercantile Agency. Debt Recovery Agents and sort it all out.
    I advise you folks to speak to Optus directly and please ask for a Reference Number for your call and also ask them to put the whole episode on email so that you have proof...

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    I'm pretty sure this phone number is from (aka Debt Collectors).
    They're the agency currently being used by Optus (as of late Sept 2011)

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    Did not answer. Would like to know who it is from. Can anyone tell me?

    Caller Name: Monica
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