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Political Call (1 time)
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    My name is Robert Horny Hornick and I am a director of a condo in mississauga.They are removing me because my $exual orientation is towards little boys. Not fare.

    Caller Name: Bob
    Caller Type: Political Call
    • Sandi  (Mississauga, Canada)  2018-02-27 7:02 pm#1

      this guy lives in my buddy's condo and keeps sending wierd emails. Harmless idiot but a nuisance.

    • The other Bob  (Barrie, Canada)  2018-03-11 3:57 pm#2

      He is on FB looking for friends in all the wrong places.

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    Telemate....said it was a collect call from an inmate and to press 1? or 2.    I hung up, figured it must be a scam too.

    • 3604 Kariya Drive  (Mississauga, Canada)  2018-02-15 5:44 pm#1

      Robert Bob Horni Hornick
      I am bothered by the fact that the other directors in my condominium building at 3605 Kariya Drive Mississauga are shunning me. Worse still the little boys are also ignoring me when I wait for them near the elevator. #ifeelashamed

      Robert Bob (Horni) Hornick - Director Condo 3605 Kariya Drive Mississauga

      Today, 11:41:19 / 2018-02-15

    • Guest  (Barrie, Canada)  2018-03-11 3:55 pm#2

      A Director?????????????????    You people need to take another vote.    Vote against him on any issue.

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    I couldnt recognize the first time but the person said, is calling from edmonton _--__-_ center. Was talking about attorney and client. seems like a spam call

    • Guest  (Toronto, Canada)  2013-03-26 2:07 am#1

      Your call was from the Edmonton Remand Center

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    I keep getting calls, supposedly from an inmate in the Calgary Correctional Centre. An automated voice asks for my credit card information because collect calls are not possible on my phone. While I have the suspision that it's a hoax, I did just get a new number and it's possible an inmate is trying to call the person who had the number before me. The automated system gave me the option to block all future calls, but it doesn't seem to work - I'm still getting called.

    Caller Name: Calgary Correctional Centre
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    Bull$h!t Attorney calls and says that you need to accept call and you need to find out why you are being billed for the call. If you get the call from this number, don't answer, let it go to voicemail. It is very easy to delete voicemails. Definately a scam. If I find out who is doing it, hell will be paid.

    Caller Name: Attorney
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    this number belongs to lethbridge correction institute

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    Callers from this number are from the Correctional Centres in Canada. I received one from an inmate in Prince Albert. If you know the Centre, you can contact them to have the number blocked from calling you ALWAYS. Sometimes the automated message gives you this option.

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    Same thing, same caller keeps trying to call.    For a while it stopped and just this week started up again, almost 1 call per day.

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    Just got the same thing, it's from a prision. Since I missed the call I didn't hear who was calling or from which prision, my voicemail only picked up the end of the call.

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