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Washington, DC
United States
Landline, 20004
District Of Columbia, Eastern

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Other Commercial (4 times)
Scam Call (2 times)
Survey Call (1 time)
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    I am only amercian speaking and do not know the many languages that are being used on the call and have tried several times to get it stopped I feel that if the credit or what ever it is has to use a old retired person to get ahead in thier business they are really hard up for business. it is a shame that in a country that is founded so well as it is they can scamper under the lines and take unsuspectin people for their business..

    Caller Name: unknown
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    Annudda Kumar is the head of these scam calls look him up
    this is his real name. These people even put loans in
    your names check with a Identity theft group immediately.
    There is some of the number:    2024957111 Washington D.C.
    2 7607058888 California
    3 6029147863 Arizona
    4 3027224574 Delaware
    5 4049212521 Georgia
    Hot Numbers of US
    1 5035630989 Oregon
    2 5039028112 Oregon
    3 5034685002 Oregon
    4 3605296190 Washington
    5 9712201011 Oregon
    Some numbers list the the city of origin. but don.t believe it
    it may be coming from some other country. The detective
    that came to my home identified the voices as Indians.

    Caller Name: Justin, Stephen, Stepen
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    it a ghost f:-k that

  • #14

    This is an FBI number

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    I asked "what company do you work for and what's the call back number" and they hung up on me.

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    Selling security systems and upgrades.    Press 1 if you want to , press 2 if you don't want to protect your family!

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    i'm on the "do not call" list and they called anyway. when I asked them to remove me, they hung up mid sentence

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    They should pay my phone bill if they call and want something or hang up.

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    find a knife and run into it.

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    I swear my auto loan provider sold my number to these guys. I have never received a telemarketer call on my cell phone until last week, when I got into it with the "I can barely speak English, but I can still tell you you're past due on your auto loan" people. Has anyone had something similar happen? Bill collectors selling your number to telemarketers?

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