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Alamo Heights, TX
United States
Landline, 78209
Bexar, Central
Southwestern Bell

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Scam Call (1 time)
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    I received a land line telephone call from the number sited above.
    In the window of my telephone there was a name, Janie    Sanchez.
    I redialed the number; picking up the telephone, a young man's voice said, "Hello." When I attempted to explain the situation to him, he hung up on me.
    The number 210-828-4786 is a local, probably Alamo Heights, but near    Alamo Heights in the city of San Antonio. I do not appreciate this interference into my personal home life. I have attempted for an hour, now, to search for the address from which this call came. I believe it is a place in the vicinity of my home. I do not believe that either the telephone company or the police are in a position to facilitate my search. If there is someone on line who can identify the caller and the origination site, I would appreciate knowing wha

    Caller Name: janie sanchez
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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