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    A caller contacted me stating they were calling to schedule an MRI for me. When I asked if this was Humana, they said yes..they knew about an MRI that had been requested to Humana from my "health care provider" and were trying to get personal information from me.
    In my further questioning I determined that they were not Humana, but a billing broker, promising that they could possibly schedule a proceedure at less $$ out of pocket for me..
    It appears that insurance companies (Humana) must be providing patient contact information    to "imaging brokers" who may have deals cut with possibly substandard imaging centers in order to route the imaging to the lowest bidder at the time..
    Quite disturbing (but not suprising) that the insurance companies subcontract to brokers..and provide my personal contact information!

    Caller Name: U.S. Imaging
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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