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Beachwood, OH
United States
Landline, 44122
Cuyahoga, Eastern
Xo Ohio, Inc.

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Other Commercial (3 times)
Telemarketer (3 times)
Survey Call (1 time)
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    it was wierd!! some black guy said hello is this-(my name) and i said yep, and he said im calling from the blah blah blah blah educational blah are you over eighteen? and i said NO!    um what did he want to know? And how does he know my name...?

    Caller Name: OH USA
    Caller Type: Survey Call
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    This # were keep calling in every 10min. ...i donno who call, just feel annoying, angry n boring, just want that # stop to calling, i need. Work n sleep

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    Very annoying and frustrating....I don't answer calls like this and I get them all the time, even if you have a no telemarketer can call you on your phone line...they master to get through always...even private numbers....annoying....they called me twice in the space of 5 message left either...SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP THEM...if I don't know who they are I don't answer...I just look up the number online to see.....

    Caller Name: Revenue Assistance
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    File complaints at and     Also, repeatedly call them back and tell them EXACTLY what you think of their telemarketing.    Only way to stop these scumbags

    Caller Name: unknown
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    They call and hang up. I do NOT want them to harrass me and scare me as I am handicapped and live alone. This is ridiculous.

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