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Maryland, US

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Other Commercial (2 times)
Telemarketer (1 time)
Event Reminder (1 time)
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    Someone left a message from this number on my voicemail at 11:32pm, confirming a vet appointment for the next day. I called the clinic, and they are positive no one called, they didn't recognize the name. I have no idea what happened, but she had the clinic, and the details of my appointment (which I had the previous week, and needed to reschedule in the fall).

    Caller Name: Disa Ditco
    Caller Type: Event Reminder
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    Not sure exactly who it is, but left a message "I am not the law or a bill collector, but i would like to talk to you"    called over 15 times starting at 2am.    Not happy at all, and NOT A SOLDIER.
    Blocked number

    Caller Name: No Name
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    This is the number our soldier's use to call home when deployed.    It is one of the switchboard lines that their DSN bounces off of when they call back to the states.    A side note, you can not call it back to reach your soldier though.    So... answer it when it calls you if you want to speak to your soldier..

    Caller Name: Military caller
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    Got this call at 0810. Not sure who it is from.

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    was my husband calling from afghan. hes a US Marine. anwser these calls!!!!!

    Caller Name: thomas
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    i'm a soldier and this is a connected DSN line for troops to call home.    don't be alarm, your loved one is just calling home from over seas and it is routed through maryland.

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    This is definitely a legit call. Just answered and it was my cousin who is overseas.

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    This is the number that shows on caller ID when a US service member is using a calling card from an over seas location. ANSWER THIS CALL!

    Caller Name: A Soldier calling home
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    User purchased calling card

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