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    This is a number that was, and I guess still is assigned to a Debt forgiveness company, GRT Financial...probably a bad rep was using it at the time because the guy I spoke with from this number was nice.    I had forgotten that I put my name and number on their site a few days ago to be called so when my phone started ringing, I googled the number, found this site, remembered what I had done and called them for giggles after reading this stuff.    The guy was nice, gave a lot of information..not pushy..told me to look at their 97% positive review rating at the BBB and then and only then call him back to talk some more.    I did. I enrolled.    After the call, I called my brother and came clean that I needed help...HE CAME CLEAN and said he is about done with HIS settlement program lolololololol....when I hung up with him, I realized I still had this window open, so I thought I would comment. If a company has more than 1 negative BBB    review (this one has one-guess ya can't make everyone happy), you may not want to use them.

    Caller Name: His name was Andy
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    This caller has called me repeatedly even after being told not to call. Last month they got hold of someone else in my household, who got upset. I called them and after arguing with me for a few minutes, he agreed to take me out of their system. They called again yesterday and I am beyond angry. Even if I were to use an agency such as theirs, I would not use them due to their disregard to my wishes.

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    Have NO idea what these people want but called while I was gone and daughter said it freaked her out with their questions.    This office is 5 hours from where I live.

    Caller Name: Radner Law Group
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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