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Tacoma, WA
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Mobile, 98335
Pierce, Pacific
Blue Licenses Holding, Llc

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    Keeps calling my number and all I get is awful music

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    After my complete nut job of an exboyfriend loaded a sim app onto my cellphone it has changed my voicemail # to 253-209-0379.    I have been being stalked and harassed for over 5 yrs now with no help from sheriffs office.    He is monitoring all of my calls, my texts, my emails, and is tracking me via cell phone sim app and gps he installed on my truck all without my permission.    He has installed similar app onto all of my home computer devices too.    He is able to turn on my cameras, microphones and alter programs and apps.    He can view everything, alter it, delete it, and has even chatted with me pretending to be my best friend.    The i.d. came up with her phone number with the exception of a +1 before her number i.e. +15094312976.    I am living in a nightmare!    He does all of this from the convenience of his cell phone or tablet.    I am still working on prosecuting him to the highest extent of the law, federal.    Pray for me!

    Caller Name: Jason Snelling
    Caller Type: SMS
    • David Jones  (Biloxi, United States)  2017-09-29 10:16 pm#1

      Linda, hopefully you still check your post here, I found it after searching a rogue voicemail number that appeared tied to my account. #253-209-0379... I would like to speak with you on this matter so if you see this please post back and maybe we can connect to discuss my concerns... I'm in Boise Idaho, and have been the victim of unrelenting, constant, daily, harassment, identity theft,geofencing, GPS tracking, audio and video recorded, and had myself and loved ones placed in grave danger with denial of service attacks in several situations where emergency 911 call were intercepted leaving me incommunicado at the worst possible moments. And sadly, that's about half of it... Please respond, our experiences are identical and the VM # is the same... I'm betting your stalker relocated...

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    Left a voice mail consisting of several minutes of bad music.

    Caller Type: Prank Call
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