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    Deb is so unprofessional and definitely thrives in the profession of being an aggressive sleazy telemarketer I'm glad she found her passion.

    She called my office asking to speak with the dentist pretending like she knew her, and said she worked with plenty of her colleagues and it wasn't even like she asked "may I" just very matter of fact entitled and combative.    

    People like this make me laugh- and I just simply report them to the Federal Trade Commission

    Caller Name: Deb
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    I was suspicious at first but when I actually took the time to return the call. I was surprised to find out what a great program they had to offer.

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
    • Guest  (24.157.62.*)  2017-11-13 7:07 pm#1

      Funny how the company you're replying to is located in Copus Christi, just like you! The irony!
      Or, you're actually a shill, an employee pretending you're not, in order to try and insert a positive review since this is mainly about your sleazy sales tactics and terrible product.
      But no, keep up with the shady stuff, I'm sure you guys will expand exponentially...

    • Guest  (24.157.62.*)  2017-11-13 7:08 pm#2

      Do you guys fake reviews for your clients too?    Or do you guys only fake reviews about your own company?

    • Guest  (San Diego, United States)  2018-06-13 5:04 pm#3


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    We got a call at our practice (Ophthalmology) saying they were putting together an OD group in the area. We were suspicious so decided to do some research. So glad we did!

    • Guest  (San Diego, United States)  2018-06-13 5:03 pm#1

      This is a scam! Deb called our dental practice pretending to be a friend of Dr. Kolokowsky and she said she was "Shocked that I'm speaking to her this way because she works with a lot of colleagues" Fortunately I have message capability with my Dr. and she had no idea who she was - verbatim, Deb said " I NEED TO SPEAK WITH HER" girl relax, you need to not be so aggressive if you're going to choose telemarketing as a career- kill with kindness babe.

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    Bjork this time...Vienna Portal Program.

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    Called for the wrong doctor then wanted me to give the call back number to our doctor anyways. I said, It must be safe to assume this isn't in regards to a patient, so what IS this regarding. He could not say. His company did not show up on local search either.

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Got a call from "Stan" at that number today, asking to speak to the doctor. Said it was regarding a Dr. Russell Brown. BS meter went off listening to the call...told them we don't have time for fake marketing calls and that we'd never do business with anyone who lies in the first interaction.

    Caller Name: Stan
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Called asking to talk to dentist - said she was with "Bakersfield Dental Group" but 253 area code is not local.

    Caller Name: Brooke
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    Called from a "253" area code, but implyed that they were local, wanting to talk to our doctor about a "group of dentists who work together...".    Total telemarketer.

    Caller Name: Stan
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    caller stated hi my name is Ann and I have Brooke on the line to speak to DR.Goldsmith about the Laurel Dentists Group.
    I asked her what this is regarding, she didn't know how to response all she could say is a group of Dentists information she is putting together blah blah blah. Then she said Well can Brooke speak to HER.. DING DING bells went off. I said NO HE Dr. Goldsmith is with a patient I am the office manager. and I don't have time for fake calls.

    Caller Name: brooke/ann
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    Telemarketer. Soliciting dental practices. "VP on the line"..blah blah then she abruptly hung up.

    Caller Name: Jenny Lapin
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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