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Huntsville, AL
United States
Landline, 35754
Madison, Central
Us Lec Of Alabama, Inc.

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Debt Collector (5 times)
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    We have had two calls today from this number, and we have received numerous calls in the last several months.     Even though it shows up as a "local" number, the area code is not our local area code.     We don't answer, but they usually leave a message stating that by "answering the phone, we are acknowledging that we are _______", and they do give the name of a specific person. They even say that the message contains confidential information, even though none is given.    The message does not pertain to anyone in our household.        Hopefully, they will get eventually take our number out of their system.

    • Guest  (172.1.1.*)  2013-10-10 9:24 pm#1

      Mine says "LOCAL OFFICE".    But the number comes from Huntsville, Alabama.    Not local from where I live by a long shot.

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    they will not stop calling my wife, they need to wake up and get a real job!

    Caller Name: dicknut
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    This is a debt collection agency on behalf of target credit card. they call me ALOT!! very old charge, about to fall off my credit report, so I will allow them to continue to call. Tis company is trying their best to collect anything before it becomes too late.

    • Guest  (Lafayette, United States)  2013-04-08 8:17 pm#1

      Amy, did they report anything to the credit bureaus?

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    Kept calling for the lady I bought my house from 8 years ago.Even after I told them 3 times she don't live here! So I paid a fee    to the telephone co to get the call blocked from my land line. A one time charge of like 20 bucks, well worth it because, problem solved!     Remember- “No one can hurt you without your consent.It is not what happens to us that hurts us. It is our response that hurts us.”- Abe Lincoln

    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    tell the to stop calling and give your number then say if they don't stop calling then you will take legal action against them and their company sue them for harassment and they will be reported    too the FTC and the Att. Gen offices.

    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    Please if anyone knows how to stop this number calling post it please!!!!

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    this number has been calling me and not leaving a message.    when you call back they put you on hold and willl not say who it is calling.    I have answered the calls and they do not say anything.

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    I have this same problem! They actually just called me like three times. The third time I called them back and an African American woman answered the phone immediately and seemed to have all my information! I didnt even tell her my name. She is trying to collect a debt from 2007 that I completely forgot about for $198! When I told her that I could not make arrangements for payments she then got very rude with me and would not let me finish what I was saying. I was going to work something out with them but from her etiquette on the the phone it seems like scammers. She didnt even read the full disclosure about how this is an attempt to collect a debt! I will be going out tmrw and buying a whistle so that when they call the next time it will be very unpleasant for them! LOL

    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Caller Name: u/n
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    I don't know who this is that is calling.    They call several times a day at all hours, sometimes after I have already gone to bed.    When I answer, there is no response.    When my message recorder answers, they do not leave a message.    This is most disturbing as I have been recovering from surgery and don't need to be harrased.    It is only after coming to this web site that I find it is a debt collection service.    I am a Senior Citizen and owe no unpaid monies to anyone.

    Caller Name: Local-256-261-7792
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