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Hagerstown, MD
United States
Landline, 21740
Washington, Eastern
Verizon Maryland, Inc.

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Scam Call (2 times)
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    Received a call from this number today.    Did not recognize number, so did not pick up.    A voicemail message was left from "Sears Fraud Early Warning Department" wanting to verify "recent activity" on my Sears MasterCard.    Said to call back on 800.335-1517 with my account number.    One problem:    I HAVE NO SEARS MASTERCARD ACCOUNT.    I also have NO CITIBANK CARDS OR ACCOUNTS.

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    This is the CitiBank fraud line.    They call if there is suspicious activity on your cc.    This is a good thing - they are checking to see if there's been unauthorized use on your card (Diners, Master, Visa, etc.).    I thank them whenever they call.

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    I call back after disconnect noise(beep beep beep beep beep)uses the rest of my answering system time up(4 minutes)and hear lovingly "Citi Corp Credit"on the other end with a recorded list of options which include EVERY CONCEIVABLE OPTION EXCEPT HOW TO GET ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST! WhoI have had it!. he actually beeped in while a person was on the other line from a call that the caller id said was from citibank fraud dept also. Citibank wanted to check on some charges on my Diners Club - They called my Cell Phone afterward - as I was indeed traveling, and my Hotel Charge was OK.

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