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Debt Collector (5 times)
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    I missed the call. I have gotten this call many times before. I have answered before wasting minutes. I asked what dr I didn't pay cause I pay every dr I go to. they couldn't tell me. I said if you can tell me the dr I will pay. if not quit calling! They wont stop. Wonder if I can sue or get a court order? I am on the do not call list

    Caller Name: None
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    to guest and his/her comment .i have gotten these calls myself and don't ,not all things in WV are little hic businesses in the are as ignorant as much as you are a deadbeat.i have an account in dispute so i know what mine is about.sounds like you just need to pay your bills.WV is a fantastic place to live so keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

    Caller Name: unknown
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    Yea they hung up on me also.    They asked for my husband and then they said is his wife there.    I said speaking then they asked if we live on such street and I said we moved and she hung up on me.    If this is a debt collector they will not be getting money by hanging up on people.    Just sayking.

    Caller Name: Don't know
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    Calls and there's no one there. Two days in a row now. Who is this?

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    Debt collector - medical

    Caller Name: 304-292-3841
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    I keep getting this call also. I have answered before. I think 1 time a person actually did answer but never was able to give me info. They said I owe a doctor. I told them I pay at every visit. They said how would you like to pay. I replied with when you can tell me what doc I am paying & when then I will. They hung up quickly.

    Caller Name: Unknown
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    I just received a phone call from this number and she asked if I was me, and then asked me to verify my address.    I then asked her who she was and where she was calling from.    She said she could not give out that information unless I verified my address....I said I have already received a call from your business and looked    you up online and found that you harrass lots of other people...I am not giving you my info untill you tell me who you are!    I then made a call to my local phone company to make a complaint!

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    calls no vmail just annoying but you cant call them back?? wth

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    They just call no. voice mail. They need to be stoped.

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    this is a collection agency for medical bills past due. mine is for a bill that was readjusted 5 months after recieving emergency treatment for a laceration to my left eye. my medical card readjusted payment and the urgent care facility which is now closed is charging me almost 400 dollars for treatment that should have been covered. had i been aware of the readjustment prior to my visit i most certainly would have not been to that facility.

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