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Charleston, WV
United States
Landline, 25301
Kanawha, Eastern
Verizon West Virginia
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    Health Care Financials called my workplace and requested to speak with me personally.    When I got on the phone, she asked to verify my date of birth.    When I gave it to her, it didnt match.    She asked if I was associated with anyone with the DOB she had on file.    When I replied no, she said she must have the wrong individual and hung up.    What infuriates me, is HOW did she get my work number??!!    And as a side note, I have no outstanding doctor bills, especially not from the Charleston area.

    Caller Name: Janie @ Healthcare Financials
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    they called my cell phone and asked to speak to me, when i identified myself they hung up the phone

    Caller Name: healthcare financial
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