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Century City, CA
United States
Landline, 90067
Los Angeles, Pacific
Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc., Ca

- Caller Analysis -

Other Commercial (3 times)
Scam Call (2 times)
Prank Call (2 times)
Telemarketer (1 time)
  • #14

    Call them back and press 2 to be added to their no call list. I'm waiting to see if this works or if this will send my number to another company.

    Caller Type: Other Commercial
  • #13

    I get a call from this number about twice to three times a month. They never say anything and when I don't answer they never leave a message. Getting upset then bored.

    Caller Name: empty
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
  • #12

    just returned the call and it instructs you to press 2. this removes you from their list

  • #11

    I have no idea what kind of call this as no one speaks on the calling.    I suspect it is a robocall.
    Who or what ever it is. needs to be shut down permanently, along with all other numbers originating from the callers source.

    Caller Name: unknown
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
  • #10

    Can anyone sue this people that are calling? I am so annoyed with this callers that do not answer and just hang-up. They call three to four times a day.
    Do I need to hire a lawyer for harassement?

    Caller Name: Does not answer
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #9

    I have been getting calls from this number 310-734-0372.    They do not speak with their voice mail message.    Just silence.    It feels like an invasion of my privacy.    I pay the phone bill and have my number for my business contacts and friends.    I do not appreciate that someone thinks this is okay.    I might follow up as the other gentlemen on this comment section is doing and that is to contact a lawyer.    Thanks for listening to me.

    Caller Name: not sure
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #8

    I called MCI Worldcom.    This number is a business that answers as "Enhanced Education".    Of course, when the MCI customer repr. called the number, it went straight to a message.    MCI gave me a number within MCI to report annoyance calls.    1-800-333-0309.    It is available Mon-Fri.    8a - 5p EST.    CALL IT!    Report these guys!

  • #7

    They called three times today asking for "Chris".    I yelled at them to quit calling and they finished with "Have a nice day".    I would if I could really get that 1000 dollars per call from them!    My concern is what the heck they are going to do with my phone number. Anyone know?

  • #6

    Twice last three days, twice today. Left no message.

  • #5

    Calls me and hangs up gettin purdy mad

    Caller Name: No idea
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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