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Rcn Telecom Services Inc.

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Telemarketer (2 times)
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    They have called here several times a week for the last few weeks.    

    Today I answered.    
    I asked for a contractor's license number.    FAKE
    I asked for a phone number. FAKE

    Now I'll have to step it up and drag their a***s out here for a fake consultation to embarrass them and report them to the FTC and CSLB.    Maybe I'll have the police remove them for trespassing also.

    If ONLY, I could call them back and ask them to remove my number.    DARN.

    See you at my front door, a-holes.

    Caller Name: telemarketing scum
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
    • lu  (United States)  2013-10-03 12:01 am#1

      They won't remove your phone number. They will just call you from another fake line.
      They just called me. A rare time I answer the phone. Said they are from SKY?? Followed with you spoke to one of our reps recently. I Quickly said BS! That's a lie and don't call here again.
      I want to know why these marketeers are allowed to call us and harrass us with lies when we are the majority. Do they really think we want to do business with anyone who calls uninvited??

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    scam.    wish they would all go call each other and leave the rest of us alone

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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