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Verizon New York, Inc.

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    this number just called my phone with the same message about fraud asking me to hit #1 if I was the person on the account. I didn't hit anything and hung up.

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    I was aware of a transaction that was declined by BOFA on last night. I knew that this had to be a system error. After the transaction was declined, I called the bank that night but did not speak with anyone because the call volume was extremely high.    This indicated to me that there had to be a system wide problem.    

    This morning I received a call from this number but I did not answer. I did an internet search and found this page. I immediately logged into my Bofa account and saw the fraud detection/unusual transaction notification. If you log into your account you will see if there are any outstanding charges that were declined.    


    The transaction was not deducted from my account after I selected to verify that I attempted the charges. What this does or should do is prevent your card from being cancelled.

    Caller Name: Did not answer
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    Do not answer any questions. just hang up on them

    Caller Name: 3157244022
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    I would say 315-724-4022 is a scam number because when a Bank of America representative calls about something important concerning my account, he or she leaves a voice message asking me to call back. Whoever is calling from 315-724-4022 left no message.

    Caller Name: 315-724-4022
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I too received a call from this number and researched it as they were asking information about my banking account etc.

    This is a hoax.    Be careful.

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    I goggled the above number after I tried to dial it back and got a fax machine.    I had no ideal who they were until coming here and see they are BOA.    I have not had a BOA account and they did not leave a message.

    Caller Name: NA
    Caller Type: Fax Machine
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    I am in the middle of a fraud investigation with BOA and had just this morning talked with them, however, this number is not associated with them.    I was sent a text, received a phone message and an email and when I went online to review my account it showed a hold was placed on my new card (since old one with fraudulent charges was cancelled) since "unusual activity" was suspected.    If you receive a call like this with a message to call back, instead of calling that number, always call BOA's customer service number - they can either verify if problem is correct or a scam and, if necessary transfer you to their fraud departments.    The charges they called on this morning were mine but at this point I'm glad they're watching my account and keeping me informed if they see anything unfamiliar.

    Caller Name: bank of america
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I received a call from this number around lunchtime on Thursday July 24 but something told me not to answer. I figured whoever it was would leave me a voicemail and that's exactly what happened. Hours later I played back my voicemail and the caller said fraud had been detected on my BofA debit card. By coincidence I had just made some online purchases with the card that very day so I actually thought it was BofA calling to alert me. The caller said that my debit card had been cancelled and that another one had been mailed to me. I was told to call 8629004548 if I had not received the new debit card. Naturally, I was worried but at the same time I was cautious. So I decided to check the number online to be sure it was a BofA number. That was how I ended up at and realized the truth that the call was a scam.    DO NOT EVEN TAKE A CALL FROM THIS NUMBER!!

    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    I also got a call from number 315-724-4022 .    If BoA has an issue they usually call you in person, or at least that is my experience, not have a bot do it for them.    I think this number should be referred to someone beyond BoA if they are not doing anything about it.

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    Right after trying to make an online purchase, I got a text from an unknown 5 digit number from 'bank of america' asking to verify my last three transactions. Then a second later got a call from this number but didn't answer.... tried to call back and said it was overseas. THIS IS A SCAM.

    Caller Type: Scam Call
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