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Davisville, RI
United States
Landline, 02852
Washington, Eastern
Choice One Communications Of Rhode Island, Inc.

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    Qlink wireless (obhama fone) sales call

    Caller Name: robo
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
    • Guest  (Warwick, United States)  2018-06-30 2:01 pm#1


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    Gone 10 years without these types of numbers or suspicious    out of state calls,blowing me up at all hours,everyday. I have no idea how or why in the past year I've started getting these calls,I'm pretty sure they started after I filed an accident report,regarding this RWRow site construction dump truck carrying asphalt with no tarp over the top,driving like an idiot on 275 east in Loveland Ohio,large chunks of asphalt were bouncing out of the truck,smacked & left three chunky scratches on my $1500 custom cleared,Carbon fiber hood and a small crack and chip on my once flawless windshield on my show car. Owner Roger W Row refused to pay for damage,instead he was a sarcastic smart a$$ that have me runaround, def think the company had no off site insurance. After the report I was getting calls from attorneys and other odd numbers.

    Caller Name: ?
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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