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Baltimore, MD
United States
Landline, 21225
Baltimore City, Eastern
Xspedius Management Co Switches Services, Llc - Md

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Telemarketer (8 times)
Other Commercial (6 times)
Prank Call (3 times)
Survey Call (2 times)
Scam Call (2 times)
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    They say 'this is not a sales call' but they've called 4x today after about 4x yesterday and when I got sick of ignoring them I answered.    They used some bogus "is Melissa there?" line...impossible since I've had this same cell number for 13 years.    

    Then they didn't want to get off the phone when I insisted that I am not interested in their prescription drug scam (scheme).    I reminded them that my number is on the do not call list and that what they are doing is very likely illegal.    We'll see if they follow-up and remove my number.    I doubt it... :(

    Caller Name: Prescription Drugs
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    They call every hour!

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    They don't leave a message. I am on the No Call List - but they call anyway! What shouldl I do?

    Caller Name: BRYNPKLNCM MD
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
    • Guest  (Arlington, United States)  2013-04-15 4:58 pm#1

      I don't know what to do to stop them, but if you fill out a survey, that gives them the foot in the door. I was stupid enough to do that too and I dan't figure out how to make it stop.

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    Wanted me to look at a free Pharmacy card. I told them no thanks, ask if I just wanted to look at it I said no thanks they hung up. I hope they don't call back. It was the 3rd time today.

    Caller Name: Rx pharmacy
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    I found this information lets all call them and give a piece of our mind.    Xspedius Management Co . of Pima County. LLC
    d/b/a Xspedius Communications
    1-888-398- 2274 or (301)361-4200 i have them blocked but this is insane that we have to go through this mess.    So much for the do not call list.

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    When you try to call back this number you get silence-no ringing-People just don't have enough problems to play these games.

    Caller Name: 4105890672
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    They started calling today.    This morning my daughter was playing games on the Publishers Clearing House site and entered their drawing. Two hours later this # called me 5 times! The fifth time I picked up and told them never to call again. We will see.

    Caller Name: A man
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    keeps calling with no message...have whistle ready for the next phone call~

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    My MINOR child has received many calls from this number and she never answered until tonight. The man then asked her if there was a "Brenda" in the home and she handed me the phone. When I said hello, nobody responded. I tried calling it back and nothing happened. I tried to text the number back (just in case) and said: "Do NOT call my minor child again. If you need to speak with me, call MY phone ***-***-****. DO NOT call my MINOR child again or I will press charges!"

    I hope these idiots don't catch me on a bay day...

    Caller Name: "RON"
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    I have received 5/6 calls in the last 3 days from these idiots and they leave no message.

    Caller Name: unknown
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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