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McKeesport, PA
United States
Landline, 15132
Allegheny, Eastern
Intermedia Communications Inc. - Pa

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    This post is stalking amanda unetich

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    Hey Matthew/Riddick, i have your myspace and youtube page addresses, its only a matter of time before i have your facebook page too and your last name you ugly loser, then you are dead meat punk, you will die with pain too, maybe mandi can be nice for once in her miserable little life and tell me matthews last name? then i can kill him myself, i know that she knows what his full name is.

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    Leave Amanda alone you lunatic, if you harm my friend i will harm you, i will always love my friends and Amanda is one of my best friends ever, and God will protect her from you Gregory Lance Britt.

    Caller Name: Matthew
    Caller Type: SMS
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