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Ontario, Canada

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    called from 4166378458 - said from manulife insurance.
    That stupid indian said that he is calling from india but local guy will come to give me some presentation abt insurance ....

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    I recieved called from this caller today.....and he seemed like an alien to me from another world.....some kind of martian language cant really understand....5pm monday 4/09/2012

    Caller Name: boujou
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    I called back this number only to get a voicemail in french.....these idiots don't speak when they call and don't answewr when I called back....

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    I also get calls from this number with nobody speaking.
    I registered my phone number in a national do not call list:
    Hopefully it helps.

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    just from reviewing all the posts, i can see they called me on oct.20/11 as well.    i didn't pick up.

    Caller Name: none shown
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    have been calling me daily as well and when i pick up, no answer

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    Use Google chat to call back hundred times to make it even with the CROOKS

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    We get may calls from these thugs, they pretend to be telemarketers but this may not be possible, because they keep on and on even if you call them names!!!!
    But it can be an organization doing something!
    They also use numbers seem to be from abroad and similar voices, Indian accent....

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    Calling on behalf of Jackson Brokerage, selling life insurance, representing Manulife + all other insurance comppanies. Wanted an adviser to come to my home for a presentation. I inquired who Jackson Company is and they could not give me a clear answer, told me there is no website, nothing (I say they because his supervisor got on the phone to explain that the site is not yet ready). He admitted to be calling from india. Told me his adviser is in Mississauga (Ontario, Canada). I told him that if I cannot even look up the company he represents I have no interest.

    Caller Type: Telemarketer
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    this number just called...7:17pm, no name shown on my called ID.    i live in mississauga, ontario.    i didn't pick up and it didn't go to my voicemail which picks up after the 6th ring.    the phone only rang 5 times.

    Caller Name: none shown
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