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Sorry, we know nothing about this number. :(

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Telemarketer (1 time)
Other Commercial (1 time)
Prank Call (1 time)
Debt Collector (1 time)
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    receiving harrassment calls from this number

    Caller Name: ????????????
    Caller Type: Debt Collector
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    As most, or some, of you are aware this is the SkypeOut number.    All calls made using SkypeOut are logged by Skype to enforce the Acceptable Use Policy.    Since Skype usually makes money off of the SkypeOut calls, they're not too quick to provide information about reporting abusers.    That said, I've done some digging and have figured out what you need to do if you are receiving unwanted (prank or harassing) calls via the SkypeOut service.

    1.    Record the date and time the call came in.    You can easily get this from your call display in most cases.

    2.    Send an E-Mail to "" explaining the situation and make sure you include the following in your explanation;

    - Your name
    - Your phone number (one that they called)
    - Date the call came in
    - Time the call came in
    - Company identified by the caller (if applicable)
    - Inconvenience caused (ex. Tied up a business line)
    - Your desire that they investigate the user

    3.    If the situation is serious, as in the calls are personally harassing (not sales calls) or life-threatening in nature, do a follow-up with your local Police department immediately.

    Caller Name: SkypeOut
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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    Hi everyone,

    This is a Skype number, I got this call when a friend called me over Skype.

    Mystery solved, anyway, it's possible that some people might be using this to advertise or scam others.

    Caller Name: 442030513739
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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