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Other Commercial (2 times)
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    maybe it's from the goggle chrome when I try to fill-up the form to win an I phone 5 last night but I couldn't finish then this morning i recieved a miss call from this no.,. first call, I didn't answered the phone. I answered it on the 2nd call but no one answer me when I said Hello then it turned the phone off... I don't know who's calling and for what about...

    • Lhyn16  (Sampaloc, Philippines)  2013-08-29 1:52 am#1

      yes. same what happen to me this morning.

    • mico  (Philippines)  2013-12-17 6:17 am#2

      me as well

    • Guest  (Philippines)  2015-01-05 4:58 am#3

      same to me

    • Guest  (Diliman, Philippines)  2015-08-30 3:26 am#4

      i recieve this missed call this morning uhmmmmm

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    i received a call from this no. thought I was not able to answer the call, I wonder who was it from, so I call the no. though I can not understand the language it spoke and it sounds like an answering machine. Still confuse so I sms saying why call, and ask to call back but I never get a reply...

    Caller Name: n/a
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    WHY MISCALL ME    24/10/2013 03;13PM ONCE RING

    Caller Name: UNKNOW
    • Guest  (Bangalore, India)  2013-10-24 4:27 pm#1


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    this number have been miscalling me recently.

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    what the hell is this.......

    Caller Name: 496926012260
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    These people is just a useless prick who gives misscalls whenever they wanted to in hopes I would actually entertain 'em. First off, I didn't even join any contest or what not. Second, I never give my number to unknown people a.k.a strangers. Third, this annoys me because this is not the first time I'm getting misscalls from weird numbers! Stupid people stop what you doing!

    Caller Name: +496926012260
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    mine also today. stupid question to win the shopping voucher. but i already spend MY168 for to answer the question and it stuck at 95% level. i stop. all scam! but for sure i need to pay for my bill. anyone who receive the offer thru your google search screen, my advice just ignore the offer, it all scam.

    Caller Name: scam
    Caller Type: Scam Call
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    whos no. is this?..i actually confusing this no.

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    i oso just got this number.. what is it bout?

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    This call 496926012260 is from Germany.

    Caller Type: Scam Call
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