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Alden Manor, NY
United States
Landline, 11003
Nassau, Eastern
Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ny

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Scam Call (33 times)
Telemarketer (7 times)
Other Commercial (6 times)
Prank Call (1 time)
Political Call (1 time)
  • #54

    They called my phone twice in a row, the first time they hung up when my husband answered. The second time I answered and a man with a middle eastern accent asked me if I was myself and then told me he was from Microsoft. He asked if my computer is a Microsoft windows computer and then he said my computer was sending an error message to Microsoft informing him that I have 2ooo+ viruses that are stealing my personal data. He wanted me to go to a website so he could show me these viruses. At this point I handed the phone back over to my husband because both of our computers have his name all over them and I was confused why Microsoft was asking for me. It just didn't add up. My husband talked to him for a few minutes and then hung up with "Yeah right, F you."

    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #53

    i was getting calls from this number so i looked it up in white pages and it said that it was a michigan number.    but the caller id says its from new york.
    sounds like SPAM

  • #52

    This is starting to get irritating as I kept getting calls from this number about college studying and said I wasn't interested they now call and drop the call at least 10 times a day after I told them to f:-k OFF. I WANNA SEE THEM FACE TO FACE SO I CAN BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA THEM. Pls someone get me their address!!!

    Caller Name: some indian a$$h-le
    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Dina  (Trenton, United States)  2013-07-16 11:33 pm#1

      Dont answer phone for this number.. They try to get you to stay on phone long enough to break into your phone if its a smart phone!!!

  • #51

    Whoever this is at "516-673-0621" is interrupting my day, BIG TIME!!!! They keep calling but when I answer there is no one there. I called this phone number back and get a message that this number is no longer in service. How is it possible to call from a phone number that "is no longer in service"?

    Caller Name: Unknown
    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Annoyed..  (Saint Joseph, United States)  2013-06-01 4:09 pm#1

      I got the same thing. I had 12 missed calls and when I called back "this number is no linger in service" is all I got. The called immediately back and I got nothing..just hung up on.

    • Arnold  (Lakewood, United States)  2013-07-16 10:10 pm#2

      Me Too. Every Day for the past two days.

  • #50

    They called asking to set up an account in my son's name so he can get money. What!??? Ridiculous!!!

    Caller Name: no name
    Caller Type: Scam Call
  • #49

    I recieced a call from this number 516-673-0621 and it disconneted when i try to call back.

    Caller Type: Scam Call
    • Guest  (Monsey, United States)  2013-03-05 6:35 pm#1

      I just answer Detective soandso now when I get these numbers and by the second time I never hear from them again lol

  • #48

    i am reallytired of them calling me everyday andeven after I told them that I was not interested in anything.

    Caller Name: college education
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
    • Guest  (Belleville, United States)  2013-02-23 5:14 pm#1

      they called me and said they worked for governmant and i owe them money or go to prison

  • #47

    Number keeps calling and never leaves a msg. When you call back msg says number is not in service. How can they use a number thats not in service?! The worst thing they did was deregulate telecommunications and this is what happens. RUDE as!

  • #46

    bastartds keep calling about continuing edu.. ftp

    Caller Name: idk
    Caller Type: Telemarketer
  • #45

    They keep calling my number and hanging up once when I answer. I have report them to Scam Fraud. The next time they call they will get a mouth full.

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