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Other Commercial (1 time)
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    Sally Mae can SUCK IT!!!    Ha Ha...spam calls are awesome

    Caller Name: Sally Mae
    Caller Type: Other Commercial
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    spam call from sally mae. annoying spam people, they should be punished!!!! kept bugging me everyday

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    Called the number...goes to automated service saying they are Sallie Mae and to enter your SS# to better serve you.    I hung up...don't know who they are and certainly not putting in my SS#...they are probably trying still SS#'s, personal information, etc...I wouldn't talk to them or give them any information...if they was a legitatmate business then you could google them to get information like I tried to do...BEWARE!!!!

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    Sally Mae.. someone must have listed you as a contact for their student loan

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    Don't know who they are, but I'm adding this number to my automatic straight to vm list

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