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Bedford, NH
United States
Landline, 03110
Hillsborough, Eastern
Rnk, Inc.

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Prank Call (24 times)
Other Commercial (1 time)
Event Reminder (1 time)
  • #29

    This number called a friend of my husband looking for my husband.    My husband has never used this friend as a reference of any kind.

  • #28

    This nunnery keeps calling my place of work saying I need to call ASAP.    Even I called back, it's a recording for a bogus health care clinic

    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #27

    My husband got a text from a co worker to call nancy holden at this number. He was actually outside and his phone was on the counter where I was cooking dinner. I called because I thought I might have forgotten to pay a bill. I thought it was hilarious!! I knew it was a joke, sorry to the married couple who it caused a fight for but it sounds like there might be bigger issues there. 603-413-4127 thanks for laugh!

    Caller Name: Nancy Holden
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #26

    Thank your friend its a prank call they set you up for. dont have a stick in your butt, laugh it up.

    Caller Name: nancy holden
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #25

    Same routine, called my friend told them it was urgent that I call back. That she was not a bill collector. Looked all of this up. I think this person is using FaceBook and is looking for those people who have their numbers online. Once they have that than they just choose a friend from their friends list and make the call. Kinda funny but mostly sad. People should probably find something far more productive to with their time.

    Caller Name: Jodi
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #24

    Its funny. Its just a prank message when you call back.

    Caller Name: Nancy
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #23

    Don't answer... it's a $35 hooker who wants to give you an std.

    Caller Type: Event Reminder
  • #22

    This woman call a new friend and got her all worried that I had to call here back asap, I just meant this new friend, how in the hell did they get her cell number. If you get a call from Nancy Haden 603-413-4127 dont answer!!!!

    Caller Name: Nancy Haden
    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #21

    This person called my family members looking for me. I just do not now nor do I ever want them to call anyone else in my family. You need to get a life and stay out of MINE!!!!

    Caller Type: Prank Call
  • #20

    If you received this message, first and foremost your friends are F@#$ING with you...Nasty prank...That your friends pulled on you.

    Caller Name: Nancy Haden
    Caller Type: Prank Call
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