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    That number called me 3 times today!    I thought it was a prank call the first time you know how ppl use star67 or something I thought someone was calling using that. but then they called again!    I was thinking stupid prank callers don't they know not to call the same number twice!    Then they called again at this point I was creep-ed out since the number is so weird maybe illegal so I picked up and I said: Sorry were not interested. and hung up hoping these people would NOT call me again! but I found online and on this site that Its no prank caller    I'm thinking about getting the feds or the police on this guy/girl/robot/alien    
    (just kidding about that last ones) but this is strange and creepy I don't like it.    If they call me again I pick up and no ones there I'm getting Obama on the phone this truckers going to Hell

    Caller Name: Unkown
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